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“Young Metallurgical Consulting will work with your staff to teach the day-to-day processes necessary to manage and improve your organization. Your employees will learn the aspects of heat treating that are not taught in a classroom and can only be gained through direct, hands-on experience."

production scheduling

Production scheduling requires the interaction of several key factors to satisfy customers, insure high quality and maintain your desired level of profits.

Sample Preparation & Hardness Testing

Proper sample preparation and inspection techniques are critical in maintaining the highest quality standards and results. Incorrect procedures can lead to unnecessary reprocessing and customer rejections.

Quality Procedures, control plans, written instructions, pfmea & cqi-9 compliance

Written procedures, documentation, record retention and lot traceability are mandatory. Without these systems, you will not be able to meet most customer and industry requirements.

Customer Service Essentials

Customers are the life blood of any business enterprise. They can be mean and miserable but they still pay the bills. With a well-trained staff, you can handle the situation and improve the relationship.

John Young


Michigan Tech. University
B.S. Metallurgical Engineering

Michigan State University
Master of Business Administration

Adjunct Professor - Metallurgical Engineering
Macomb Community College

Blast Furnace Engineer

Assisted general foreman in maintaining blast furnace operation.

Quality Manager

Responsible for all quality functions in 45 staff heat treat. Trained furnace operators in basic metallurgy and inspection techniques.  Company serviced auto, heavy equipment and auto industries utilizing batch, continuous belt and shaker hearth furnaces.


Complete authority and responsibility for 25 person heat treat. Provided neutral hardening, carbonitriding and deep case carburizing to auto, heavy truck and rail road industries. 

Vice President/General Manager

Directed 50-person operation utilizing four continuous belt furnaces processing 50 MM Lb./Yr. of threaded fasteners to the auto industry. Approved source for induction hardening Taptite fasteners. 

Commission Sales REpresentative

Represented heat treats, platers and other secondary sources in maintaining and increasing sales volume.

General Manager

Directed 25 person operation utilizing rotary retort, continuous belt and atmosphere annealing furnaces.  Major heat treat source for Tier 1 supplier shipping to worldwide facilities of Big 3 auto manufacturer.


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